The Katayev Research Group has a fundamental interest in developing innovative catalytic strategies, exemplified by photocatalysis, electrochemical synthesis, synergistic, transition metal and organocatalysis, in order to overcome the major challenges of modern organic synthesis. Particularly, a special focus is given on the development of light and electricity driven carbon-hydrogen (C-H) functionalization methodologies of substances, ranging from common feedstocks to complex molecules and materials. This spans but is not limited to the formation of C-C, C-N, and C-O bonds, including asymmetric transformations. The subsequent implementation of such methodologies in the synthesis of natural product, bio relevant compounds and materials is one of the key goals of applied research in our laboratory. We are also engaged in detailed mechanism investigations via physical organic chemistry tools and computational studies, as the understanding of novel catalytic methodologies will lay a foundation for further applications of these novel catalytic concepts, both in academia and industry. Our interest also goes further synthetic work with engineering projects on photoredox  and electrochemical  flow chemistry for the scalable synthesis of fine chemicals.