Postdoctoral Positions

In case you have recently completed or have recently submitted a Ph.D. and would like to join our group, we would be pleased to help you with your fellowship application. For postdoctoral fellowships, the following funding is possible Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowships SPF (Spark), Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships. Please be aware of the deadlines for submitting your applications and contact Prof. Dmitry Katayev in advance.

Ph.D. Positions

Ph.D. candidates should apply directly to Prof. Dmitry Katayev. The complete application file should include a motivation letter, CV, transcript of the grades, a list of referees (at least 2 contacts), and a short summary of previous research work. Excellent applicants will also receive support for individual fellowships (Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships), (CSC Scholarships), etc.

Bachelor and Master Projects

If you are a student from the University of Bern and willing to perform a research project in our group, you can directly contact Prof. Dmitry Katayev by email and provide your CV. You will receive an independent project in one of the major research fields of the group (catalysis, photochemistry, electrochemical synthesis, reagent development, asymmetric synthesis) while working in close cooperation with a Ph.D. student. Please look at our recent publications to familiarize yourself with our research.